I ndia, besides its rich culture, tradition and heritage, is also known for its delicious food! At the thought of Indian food, garlicky naan, spicy curries and rice start dancing in our heads... and in our world... no meal is complete without some super-sweet and delicious desserts. Here are 7 luscious ghee-laden mouthwatering Indian desserts that have the super-power to wake you up from a deep slumber just by their aroma!



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▶ Fine-Dining is apparently a side-effect of the French revolution. The highly skilled chefs who were earlier employed by aristocrats lost their jobs and started fine dine restaurants.
▶ Bawabet Dimashq Restaurant in Damascus, Syria is the largest restaurant in the world with 6,014 seats.
▶ Before 1806, the word restaurant was not used in the English language. They were called 'eating-house'.
▶ According to a 1999 survey, the second most common cause of arguments in restaurants is eyeing up others meal. The most common cause is pinching your partner's chips.
▶ Botin Restaurant in Madrid, Spain has been in business since 1725 and holds the Guinness record for the world's oldest operating restaurant.rn

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