Does Your Business Need an App?

So I have a blog and I’ve always wanted it to be mobile-friendly... because why not! When most of the population is accessing web on their mobiles, making your content easily accessible to the users only sounds legit! You can either make your blog mobile-friendly or you can get your own mobile app. Yes, a mobile app! Here are a few reasons how having a mobile app for your blog will benefit you and your blog:

1. Have brand awareness

A mobile app helps build brand awareness. Being easily accessible to your readers improves your blog’s image and helps you stand out from the crowd. The app will help your presence felt at all times – as there is always going to be an app icon on their phone screen and there is always going to be someone clicking on it, which takes us to the next point, which is:

2. Boost your web traffic

Millions of people download new apps every day. Positioning your blog to receive some of this additional traffic is a boost to your blog. An app optimizes your blog to attract more readers so that they keep coming back repeatedly.

3. Engage with your readers

It’s all about user experience... With so many blogs on the internet asking for attention, a mobile app will give you proper tools for making your reader's experience better. A new blog is created every minute, so being able to provide your readers with experience that they won't get anywhere else is really important for a long-term success!

4. Drive more action

With increased user engagement comes more action. Mobile apps are way ahead of all other platforms when it comes to driving targeted action from its users. Whether you want your users to share your blog content or buy something from your store or even sign up to a service, a mobile app is your best bet!

5. Expand your reader-base

A mobile app will definitely put your blog on the forefront making it available for a large number of readers... and that will give you a leg up on your competitors! Apps make it easy to share content over different social media platforms, so if your readers share your blog, it will reach more people who aren’t aware of it yet.

6. Faster and seamless experience for your readers

Mobile apps are much faster than normal websites. Both Apple and Google playstore have minimum speed requirements to list a mobile app with them. This ensures that a user gets a smoother experience and hence is great for keeping the user engaged.

7. Promote products and services

Apart from promoting your brand, apps also help you promote your products and other services to drive sales. For example, if you're a fashion blogger and also have a clothing store, having an app that provides user location info will help you send out discount coupons to those users when they are anywhere near your store... and who doesn’t love discounts!

8. Make your presence felt

Mobile apps will keep reminding your users about you. Whether they are offline or using some other app, sending out a push-notification every now and then will have users click on it. They’ll view the icon on their app list, which just means that your app will always be on the forefront of the users’ mind!

So, if you want to give your blog a competitive edge over others, having a mobile app is a great idea. A mobile app for your blog or any venture is worth a try, especially when it’s so inexpensive... Look no further than Applop! Applop is a mobile app that helps you create your own native Android mobile app in no time... It helps you stay connected with friends and businesses. It’s very easy to share updates, photos and videos on Facebook & YouTube through your native mobile app… and did we tell you that it's totally free?

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Please share with us your experiences if you have a mobile app for your business venture. How does it help you with your business? Is it better than having a website? Comment below:


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