Try Face Yoga to Get Glowing Skin!

Yoga has so many benefits and we know it’s very good for an overall fit & healthy life. The rage now is using yoga for specific areas. Have you ever thought of doing yoga with your face? Face yoga sounds legit for it promises healthy, glowing, beautiful and youthful skin.

Face yoga can smoothen wrinkles, freshen up droopy eyes, sculpt your jawline and neck and even plump up your lips naturally. A lot of people, who really care about their skin, are trying it out and it has now gained international recognition! Because a natural & healthy glow just looks different and more beautiful! There’s even a YouTube channel that's dedicated entirely to face yoga – you should check it out!

Benefits of Face Yoga:

Since facial muscles are much smaller than the muscle in other parts of the body, you will start to see striking results real quick! With these exercises, you can have a

  • Slimmer and toned face
  • Chiseled jawline
  • Slim neck
  • Plumper pout
  • Flawless skin

How to:

The good thing about face yoga is that you can do some of the exercises anytime, while watching TV, doing dishes or while in the kitchen. Some of the exercises that seem doable:

  • For a toned face, smile as wide as you can with (preferably) your lips closed and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 25 times.

  • To tone your jawline, tilt your head backwards and look at the ceiling. Pucker up your lips and hold for 5 seconds. Do reps 5 times.

  • To get rid of double chin, roll your head in clockwise motion 5 times and then in anti-clockwise motion 5 times.

  • For naturally plumped up pout, pucker up your lips, hold for 2 seconds against and palm and then blow a kiss. Repeat this at least 15 times.

  • In our late 20’s, our skin starts to lose sheen and the skin around eyes and mouth start to sag. Try anti-ageing face yoga where you can work all muscles of face.

  • If you can’t do any of these, try this easy all-encompassing face exercise that will work on your face and neck.

It is also important to have a good night's sleep, stay hydrated and not miss any meal of the day for healthy & glowing skin.

It’s time to take a break from expensive facial treatments & cosmetics and get started with face yoga! Will you try it? Do tell us in the comments section below.

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  1. Less of Hassle to get more benefits out of this Yoga. People who can't go to parlour can try this at home. It's very Helpful to get your beauty back!

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