Types of people at your Veere Di Wedding!

Is your Veere Di Wedding right around the corner or have you just attended one? Well, whatever it is, you for sure would have encountered different types of people. It is almost inevitable to avoid them, such as the ones who have only graced the wedding to freeload or that one person who gets drunk because “arre open bar hai”! Whether you like it or not, but it is only because of these people and your Veeres, that the wedding becomes memorable. Here are few more of the people you’ll encounter:

1. The Angry Relative

There will always be one relative who will never be satisfied with the arrangements made at the wedding. They’d want special attention and first preference in every rights and rituals. The entire family has to drop everything and make him/her feel important (read: feed their ego).

2. The Daaru Dost

More than anything, this friend is more excited about getting everyone drunk. His solution to every crisis that arises is the wedding is- alcohol. If he could, he would get behind the bar and mix all the drinks personally for everyone. In weddings where there is no open bar, you can rely on him for having a fully stocked bar in the trunk of his car!

3. Overdressed Aunty

Don’t be fooled by the over-dressed aunty, she isn’t the bride’s mother! Don’t we all know that one aunty who hasn’t even met the family for years, but has decided to show up decked up as if Neerav Modi is her first cousin. Also, it’s hard not to shudder for months to come whenever you think of the over the top makeup and the backless blouse.

4. The Dancer

As a result of having a friend who makes everyone drink, a new species of people at wedding generates. These are the dancers. These will be the first on floor and the last to get off. You can spot some of the signature moves such as the nagin dance. Also, they’d be the one requesting the DJ to play Saddi rail gaddi aayi just so that he can be the engine. *facepalm*

5. Rishte Valli Aunty

You want to stay away from these aunties as much as you can. These rishta aunties are on a constant hunt to fix potential girls with “eligible” bachelors. Also, make the best attempt you can to keep this Aunty Ji away from your mother as they’d try their level best to convince her to get you married off! They will also pester you throughout the wedding by telling you that you’re next! You really want to tell them the same thing at funerals ;)

We are certain that you have met one of these at least once in some or the other wedding! But the best part is that you have your Veeres to help you stay afloat and have fun throughout the wedding! You will have some great laughs and inside jokes with them for years to come!

Tell us in the comments section the different kind of people you have encountered in your Veere Di Wedding. You might just win Official Veere Di Wedding merchandise!

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