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30 December 2014

Don't ever use for visa purposes! They are cheats and liars.

If you are travelling to Dubai and are flying emirates or etihad then even those airlines provide complimentary visa assistance services. Make sure you use their portals because musafir will charge you higher for visa services and not even provide you with good service.

Emirates or etihad visa assistance programs are hassle free, fully online and give sponsorship and medical travel insurance all for a very cheap price. Whereas, musafir will lie to you saying that the airlines charge you for "ok to board" when actually they don't. Musafir will also not provide you with medical travel insurance which is a mandatory document for travelling overseas. And above all of that they will charge you higher and will not reply to your emails or calls on status update once they have received your money.

They have the worst customer care service. If you are lucky to have your calls received, then they will either keep transferring your call or ultimately hang up on your face. They take ages to get your ok to board status which you can yourself obtain by writing to your airlines' email address. In my case, musafir asked me to contact the airline myself to get my 'ok to board' as they could not get it done. This was a day before i was to fly . If I had to take all the pains myself, then there was no need for me to hire an agent. I could have applied for the status a week before had I known that they will not do the jo thy signed up for.

On inquiring about medical insurance, they'd say that its not mandatory and people fly without it. Just because its not checked always does not mean that you will not comply with all legal requirements. Such idiots sitting in the office!

I could have started a travel agency of my own considering the sheer number of calls I had to make and emails I had to write to these jerks.

Highly disappointing, apathetic, abysmal quality of service. Please avoid at all costs and do your visa applications yourself. All my friends did it themselves using the airlines' portal and they were much happier and relaxed compared to my ordeal!