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05 June 2015

Their service, the food and the ambience is exemplary. One of the finest. Highly recommended. Situated in the heart of Delhi. We had croquettes, prima Vera, mango and jalapeņo slush and watermelon thunder. All of them taste awesome. The deal from mydala is worth the money.

05 June 2015

Their service, the food and the ambience is exemplary. One of the finest. Highly recommended. Situated in the heart of Delhi. We had croquettes, prima Vera, mango and jalapeņo slush and watermelon thunder. All of them taste awesome. The deal from mydala is worth the money.

05 June 2015

Just one word Amazing!! Great place to spend time with loved ones. Rooftop is the best part of this place. Amazing food with best view of hauz khass. Service was okay it took a little time because the kitchen was at the second floor. Overall it was a nice experience. "Blue Berry Cheese
Cake" is a must try!!Had mydala deal and that's our saviour and made our food bill reasonable.

05 June 2015

Want to try out this place from long time so finally gone to this place. My friend had mydala deal so got 20% off on food bill. Food is pretty good. It's good on the pocket as well through deal. Pasta is tasty. So is BBQ Chicken sandwich. Combination of Veg Manchurian and Hakka noodles is also good, Tons of vegetables in the noodles yet it works well together. The place is small but doesn't look congested. I enjoyed the music here.

05 June 2015

Excellent food, good management & the lounge is also superb. The best non-veg i ever had, superb mocktails & really looking forward to organise some of parties in fizz for sure. The best food i ever had. Got 20% discount on total bill as I have mydala deal.
Thanks mydala for deal!!!

28 March 2015

Matchbox is nice small place. We booked the outside section for about 15 people and got a pretty good package for unlimited food and drinks through mydala deal. Their cocktails are decent, servicing is fast and everything was take care off. The best thing was their complimentary spicy peanut chat. For food I would recommend you to try their chilly mushrooms and veg kebabs, they are super awesome and it beats their non-veg dishes on the menu. All non-vegetarian people in our group ended up having mostly veg dishes and loved it.
You can visit this place any day and it will not be heavy on pockets at all, it's pretty economical.

25 March 2015

Been there twice and preferred their food a considerable measure. I am a fantastic Chinese fan so I don't explore much with my exemplary normal decisions. The seared rice and Hakka noodles were pleasantly made, even the exemplary fundamental course dishes are pleasantly made. What I like about this specific spot is the freshness of the nourishment. Furthermore, their assortment of dimsums too is justified regardless of an attempt. Some are to be adored and some not! Anyhow figure that is the fun about such mixed bag. The costs are conventional and very nearly similar to the next yo! China outlets. The administration can be enhanced regarding their conduct towards clients. All things considered I like the spot for its sustenance simply because it had the capacity fulfill me with the standard dishes of Chinese.

20 March 2015

Illusion lounge and bar i would say in one word is very colorful and florescent. The interiors are done up well. And gives you that feel of a party. The music was loud and the DJ was really pumping it up. The open kitchen idea looked cool and i had seen that for the first time in a lounge. We ordered an Assorted Veg Platter, Vanilla Orange smoothie was one of the best smoothie we have ever had, baked sea Bass wrapped in potatoes. The food was nice and the service was fast.
And its great sight to see people enjoying to the music and dancing. To my surprise the prices were pretty decent too. I would go to illusion again not because it had anything which was seemed like illusion but because it's a nice place to chill and throw a party in.

16 March 2015

Placed an order for Rayban sunglasses from was surprised to see packing, quality and services. This is my first online purchase and got the product within 3 days. I always thought online portals never sell original products. However after receiving my sunglasses my mind set is changed completely. Further the market price of some sunglasses are much higher than online a price.This site gave me many options to choose from and it is also very helpful in understanding the current trends for the products in the market. The website user interface is good and also it is also giving the quotes which are of competitive price so this is good source is buying glasses.

11 March 2015

I celebrated Birthday of my son at OSM restaurant and really like the kind of space for kids to run and play around. I purchased a deal from for this place and got discount on my food bill. It was altogether different than any other famous restaurants like Bikanerwala or McDonald or Pizza Hut at Sector-29 where they have simply a reserved area for any birthday bash kind of parties. OSM is value for money for us and would recommend all to try this restaurant once. This is ideally located within city limits and
one can avoid traffic jams etc. to reach here. I heard OSM provide good discounts for regular Kitty goers. I would like to rate this restaurant as over 8-9 on the scale of 10.

09 March 2015

It's really a great place. The ambiance is good enough, but a bit dark. The music is nice, with an in house DJ, however totally depends on the seating area that you choose. Unfortunately, we had the option of an area where the speakers were right above our head and hence the music was too loud for us. The food is quite good. Ordered a bucket of beer along which was reasonably priced; however the food prices were on a bit higher side. There are very less options for the veggie folks though. We were a group of friend and overall, we had a good time. BTW - Please do look for the interesting quotes that they have put up here and there. It's a best place to hang out with friends.

26 February 2015

Went to Kabooze at the recommendation of my friend on my birthday eve and had a great experience overall. I purchased a coupon of mydala for this restaurant.The ambiance is perfect for a party and the music is pretty good too. The staffs are very friendly and forthcoming with recommendations which I like. We had a wide selection of starters all of which were good. The chicken wings were particularly good and we ordered seconds and then thirds of those. The drinks were of pretty good quality too and then we were offered a round of birthday shots on the house at midnight which was very thoughtful. And even though we stayed right up to closing time none of the staff seemed impatient and all of them saw us off before they began to close.All in all a great place to party!!!!

29 January 2015

After a hectic day in office, we had to relax so we all decided to order some Chinese food. And luckily 3 days ago I bought a coupon from mydala in which I got 20% off on food bill on Dragon Noodles and we decided to order 3 items - Chilli Chicken Dry, Chicken Wings and Chicken Schezwan Dry. They had a hard time understanding the address but the faulty network
was to blame for this.The delivery guy came after about 45 minutes and handed over the 3 dishes. By that time we were so hungry that within 5 minutes all that lay were the chicken wings' bones. Most of their dishes were sauce-based with a bit of ginger onion and capsicum to make it looks good.After about an hour or so , we decided we were hungry and wanted some more. So we shamelessly called them again and had them deliver noodles and fried rice to our place again. They did so with amazing speed, delivering it in 15 minutes flat. The Chilli Garlic Noodles and Chicken Fried rice that we had ordered were very good in taste.I liked their service that what we had ordered they deliver it in time.