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08 June 2015

please please please dont buy this deal..these people are sick and just trying make money by scamming professional therapists..the all positive reviews in this deal are written by them only as nobody prefers to go there..we went to get done a proper ayurveda massage but the people who works there they only know to rub the skin and not massage..they dont even know what all the things mentioned in there deal..they have mentioned body scrub body polishing and many other things but they dont even know the difference and the procedure..iam highly pissed off with this kind of sick service.pathetic.there clinic is a orthodorma centre and it seem like there are doing this massage thing as a side business with some local people..(they are not at all massage therapists),thats why they have not uploaded any photos of their center because it look very cheap just like a road side clinic...they use some oil which has no name,some kinds of face-pack powders which are stored just in plastic cover..if u go inside the room it was AC either..
Folks..I would advise u to never ever visit this****place..These people are fake..