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18 November 2013

My experience was really good for the ten products, but I had also ordered twelve. There was no update on the last two for more than a week. So, I wrote to them inquiring the status. I got a reply saying they were too sorry but they were too overwhelmed with the response! Is that another way of saying they were understaffed?

Two days later, I wrote back asking if there was an update. I got exactly the same mail. I waited a day and wrote back requesting them to deliver the products. Just to emphasize how serious I was, I also put in a small post that if they were unable to deliver, I will like to be refunded. I got a single line reply that a refund has been forwarded. I kept mailing that I still wanted the product if they had it, but no luck, they had put me on an auto responder.

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18 November 2013

Sharing my thoughts based on what I have experienced so far with flipkart.I have ordered a few things time to time, over the past year or so. All the while the orders have come in tact and well within the time mentioned. For cash on delivery, they even call me post delivery and make me speak with the person to whom they delivered the product and after a while a message stating the person's name to whom the parcel was delivered to was also sent.

18 November 2013

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