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04 August 2015

Dominos used to be (and still is but marginally) my favourite Pizza. I never missed out their buy one get one offer. Their Pizzas used to taste best in their categories and for cheez burst...there are no words to describe.
But recently their standard of quality of product and services are falling down. My last 3 experiences with their BOGO offer in last three months have been worse to such an extent that I have decided to never order on BOGO days from Dominos. Reason :
-- thier Pizza tastes worst on BOGO days. I understand that they have a very large no of orders to fulfill that day but still there has to be a line about the qaulity.

-- there is no actual "cheeze burst" even if you order one on that day

-- their services are also not that good. their servers are not able to take the load of so many users. they should upgrade their servers.
ex: in May 2015, my 535 INR were stuck in their system because there was rush and my money was deducted but no order was placed.that money I received back after 30 days and that too constantly following them for a whole month.
In July I lost 1200 INR in their system due to their server issue.

Still, there is silver lining. Their Pizzas still tastes heavenly when you order in non peak hours and you can not get best of it. My dala voucher of 200 off was best till date on Dominos. I hope they are again in stock.

- From a fading favorite consumer