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19 February 2016

My experience with Dr.Batras clinic is really very good & effective .The condition when I come for the tretment is about to close of seb psoriasis.My head is with full of dandruff & scalp but when I look in mirror to myself all the dandruff which was totally gone.As per as Dr.Niranjan is very supporting always & give right treatment to me so I saw good results ,Thank You!


12 February 2016

I had the problem of extreme hair fall, but after the treatment it has been controlled. I got to know reasons of hair fall in the treatment. Dr.Niranjan is friendly and builds confidence in patients. Thank you!


08 February 2016

Pt Name Rajinder Patil
Pt Code 411008

I have started medicine with Dr Batras clinic since last three months and have following results

1) Scras on leg due to scrathing and dermtiries has reduced and feel more relaxed frm scrathing.

2) Food intolerance is in limits but still have problem after 2hrs of food in take sets hires and itching feeling which then redcues after about half an hrs.

3) Over all there is improvement and feel better.