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19 April 2016

I have been a client at Aroma for over a year now, and every experience I have there is somehow better than the last . But i never knew about this deal i had taken this deal first time as i saw in my dala .com and my friend told me abt this deals

Definetly they are unbelievable without deals in the services i get 200%satisfaction
But with such deals as they not even charging 10%of actuall amt in this deals so the service quality goes little down but still nothing less than the best service and best package

The ambiance is so serene and chic, and the receptionists are very kind and accommodating... They even serve coffes, tea, and pastries if adked for ! In regural paid services but not in the packages.... It is so lavish and makes for an amazing experience.

My stylist, salma, is thoughtful and incredibly talented. She always listens carefully to my requests and executes them beautifully. I have blonde hair and whenever she colors it I leave with non-damaged, soft, and strong loc