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Hauz Khas Village

16 May 2017

.....As the saying goes ""Wear your heart on your skin in this life." Tattoo is the word! Though I have got 6 tattoos (10 is my lifetime aim! ;), I have decided to get another one through my friend Amit Sethi's studio @Tattoo Shop @ Khauzkhas!! Tenzin Tharchin is the man of the moment/hour (nevertheless how you want to coin it! :)), he is an epitome of creativity and an artist who instills confidence (as I have always said tattoo making is an complex art!). My new possession an half sleeve tattoo of Lord Buddha,lotus and an temple is really definitely raising quite a few browsand topping the corporate charts!! It is shaping up real well and the 10 hours of wait (spare a thought for the artist,in this case #Tenzing) was an symbol of concentration and solid work.....!!
Thanks Amit Sethi,Tenzing Tharchin & (not the least) Raghav Sethi for your cohesive partnership and the brilliant outcome of my wish!!!!

Folks, in Dilli..any given day you guys wish to get 'Inked'....Tattoo Shop (Hauz Khas,Def Col & Rajouri is the place!!) to hit.....!

PS - I'm a old man hence outcome of my work lies with 3 of the folks/artists (mentioned above....!!)