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01 June 2017

Biggest FRAUD electronics company in KOLKATA%u2014 KHOSLA FRAUD ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. !!

I would suggest everyone not make the mistake which I have done by buying anything frm Khosla Electronics. If after purchasing a ton of goods I am cheated in such a manner, I am sure no one will be spared. I have bought 4 LG ACs, 1 Washing Machine, 1 Microwave and a geyser frm them (Invoice No: 2624/1617/21162). First of all it was kind of emergency and I have specifically told them that I want the delivery within at least 10 days time to which the agreed and promised to deliver before 10 days. This never happened, I had to call them again and again the they kept on delaying. Then I was bombarded with marketing calls on my DND registered mobile for everything related to the products such as Washing Machine stand, some sort of protection plan on them etc. etc. Then after they had delivered the product the biggest scam started. They told me that they will be sending LG people to install the ACs in my house. The next day I had to mechanics in my house for installation of ACs. I was not present in at that time. They took whole day to install the ACs, after installation without showing any demo or checking the functionality and giving any kind of bill they took money frm my family member are fled away. Few days later I got a call frm LG and this was a shock, they wanted to installed the ACs which I have purchased. I told them that LG people have already installed them. They checked their database and told me that they have never installed any AC in my new address and it must be the mechanics for the dealer who have done the installation. I thought of calling Khosla to ask why did the send their own mechanics when I wanted LG mechanics. I tried calling their number but it was always busy. I could not visit the store as it was quite far frm my house. I was not using all the ACs at that time, after few days I found 2 ACs not cooling at all. One was a new one and the other one not working was an old LG AC which the Khosla mechanics claiming to be LG mechanics have installed after taking extra money. I called LG and when their mechanic checked they told me that the new AC will not work as the gas has leaked during the installation. The other ACs had some mechanical issue and it shouldn't have been installed without a repair. Now, I am calling Khosla and they are simply denying that they have send their own mechanic for installation and they are asking me to send the bill copies by whatsapp and they will see if at all anything can be done. When I asked them why they have send their own mechanic, the person started shouting on me, asked me to do whatever I can and hung up. Definitely, there isn't much I can do now. I am posting this reviews and articles everywhr on internet so that other people won't fall in their trap. Additionally, I am planning to launch a blog or website with the name KHOSLA FRAUD ELECTRONICS. Everyone please beware and keep away frm them.