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31 May 2015

I even dont want to give 1 star rating but its not allowing me to proceed without it.brbrI have been a HS18 Customer from last 2 years, they ppl took the order by showing the product in stock, and after 5 days of that no one has informed that its out of stock and just talking bullshits..brEven the managers are the same, useless, they even don't know about why their CC Team is saying fake things they directly denied "I don't know why the team said so, .. I was like "Hell .... come on then for what company i paying to managers just to warm the chairs and their ass.." brProduct is out of stock,,, not shipped even ,, and if I asked for cancellation then they said, we will ship... it will come to your place,, then u reject to accept it,, then it will return to company then it will get cancelled,, means I am a fool like I have to wait for next 5-6 days to get the product get back in stock,, then I will wait to get the order at my door..brBloody cheaters ,, they even don't think about their regular customer.brbrWill never ever use it again.