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12 September 2013

Never tried shopping on this website but i find their ads super cool...

my friends have ordered from this website and are quite happy shopping from

12 September 2013

I have ordered many times from flipkart... things like books, mobile, electronic gadgets, pendrives etc....

Their delivery service is simply amazing...

You order today and get the product in less than 48 hrs ( atleast for me that has been the case)

The website is easy to use and the customer care is good enough to handle queries efficiently...

10 June 2013

Haircut is something that you wont like to experiment at new places, the simple reason being that it completely changes the way you look & your personality. A bad haircut is a disaster that may even lower you confidence for a period of a week or two.

I am quite hesitant to try new places for a hair cut, but one day I tried this newly opened salon when I had no choice as my regular salon was shut for a week.

I was greeted warmly by the owner Mr. Karan Budhiraja and was asked to sit till my turn arrived. The place though not too big was well decorated with red plastic finish walls and everything so well placed.

Till the time I was waiting me & Karan became good friends chit chatting about the City. As my turn arrived I was asked to sit on the chair which was not uncomfortable like other salons. I was given a perfect haircut according to my face and my hair texture.

I liked the hospitality that was given to me at the salon and ofcourse the services were great.

I wish Star Locks salon the very best with their business.

04 June 2013

Dr Batra's clinic is the only place where you will find the best treatment for health and hair related problems. One of the main reasons behind its popularity all over the country is their best service and medicine. They have highly experienced attentive and well behaved doctors and staff who are always ready to assist you. They uproot the disease, recognize its multi-factorial origin and psychosomatic factors and treat the patient as a whole which is highly appreciable. If you really want best treatment then I will recommend you to visit Dr Batra's clinic.

21 May 2013

Zook is a place to Chill out. You come out with a happy mood after having lost all your worries (like a David Dhawan film). Nice Ambience, Food and Drinks. You get a good variety of options. The food is not that expensive considering the location of the Restaurant. Must visit place.

20 May 2013

I often visit this place as it shares the same campus as my office (Saket District Center, near PVR). I have been visiting there right from its inception and the the feeling was always good & satisfactory.

The last time when i visited this place after a long (1st may 2013) the experience in simple words was DISGUSTING.... It was my best friends birthday and we took her out for lunch before we could take a grand treat from her in the evening. We ordered Butter Chicken, Mutton Keema, Garlic Naan, Soft Drinks.

The first disappointment was that the service was too slow, the ACs were not turned on even on demanding for the same. When we were served the soft drinks (Coke) they were at room temperature (they did not even feel like putting the drinks in refrigerator), on complaining for the same it took them more than 10 minutes to get some ice for the so called coldrinks.

Then arrived keema and butter chicken. The satisfaction level again was disgusting with the first bite. The keema was too oily and butter chicken was too hard (i believe the chicken should be tender) i belive it want fresh and was over baked (not roasted) in microwave ( I could tell that from the taste of it, as I love eating non veg and am quite an expert at it). It took them another 10 minutes to get the garlic naans which are supposed to be served at the same time. I wasnt much surprised to see that there was hardly any garlic in the garlic naans as this is what could be expected from the experience I was having that day...

Some how we gulped the food down our throats as we couldn't go to another place (we were out only for the lunch hours from office) and called for the bill. In a fraction of seconds i asked him to take my membership card for discount. He said the bill has been generated (i wonder if he could generate the bill in less than 5 seconds when he took more than 10 minutes to get ice & garlic naan when we wanted him to be fast) .

I knew the owner so I asked for her number to complaint about the bad service. He rudely said that he cant give the number as the owner is out of town. On much of argument he offered three of us a complimentary dessert instead of the discount. We agreed for the same.
Now this dessert was more disgusting than the food we had there. We were served brownies with vanila ice cream. The brownies were rock solid, i had never seen such hard brownies in my life (I come from Dehradun, which is a city famous for its bakery products). We banged the spoons on the table and moved to the counter to clear our bill. I saw a feedback book out there and started writing on it. The waiter then rudely said that why are you writing such a long story take the owner's number and talk to him. I was very pissed off and said that when i asked for the number you said that you cant give me the number, now when i am writing a feedback in the feedback book kept on your counter for that purpose you are not letting me do it. ( I wonder they must have torn off the page where I wrote my review after I left, if some one ever visits please try and see the comments given on 1st May 2013). I still didn't get any call or any other communication from the restro even after writing a feedback, just wondering why the****people keep those feedback books on their counter when you are least bothered about it.

16 May 2013

Food is always good. Been there many times and place is worth spending money. Go for Chicken curry and Murg Dahi Wala...Egg Bhurji is also nice and well prepared. Must go...

16 May 2013

With the same concept of an open cafe,barista lavazza is present in every other mall.Passing time or waiting for someone is all what people do sitting out there.The pleasure of having a good coffee is no more a concern of people.nBut however the barrista is keeping up with the expectations of its customers.Unlike other cafes the consistency of their servings is pretty good.Be it Hot or Cold,the coffees served at barrista will surely amaze you with their blend and flavour.nMy addiction for cold coffees,compels me to try different flavours of cold coffees served at various coffee cafes.And here,at barrista, Barrista Frappe,Barrista moca frappe and Iced caffe mocha are surely the commendable cold coffees.Varying from simple to rich,the blend of coffees is full of flavour.Do try these one out.

15 May 2013

I had a very relaxing experience at the spa. I was warmly welcomed at the reception and was served green tea while I was waiting for my therapy. The spa therapist was well experienced and gave me a relaxing body spa. A must try place for all spa lovers.

15 May 2013

When you talk about a spa, all you dream of is the relaxed soul that comes out of the spa after the therapy. This spa is well equipped to provide you a relaxing experience. The staff is well trained and is very amicable and their hospitality is applicable. I think this place is value for money.

15 May 2013

I prefer my Client Meetings at cafe coffee day. A cup of cappuccino with the cozy but professional ambiance of CCD is a perfect thought that comes to my mind when I think of convincing my clients for business purpose. The low music does not let you get bored but also does not interrupt your business talks. They also provide free wi-fi that is an added advantage in case your personal internet device is not giving you good speed. If I talk a bit about my luck, most of my meetings at CCD have been successful. And how can I forget to mention that with respect to all the comfort, great coffee & snacks the bills have a lighter impact on your pocket.... I also love to hang out with my friends @CCD...

21 February 2013 is one of the finest restaurant in Delhi. The food quality is very amazing. The hospitality and customer services are also very good. The Ambiance of the place is also very soothing.

25 January 2013

For me nothing can outbeat blackberry... it gives such a classy look... one is that I dont like using touchphones as u just cant type on the move.... I can type sms even without looking at my phone... There are hardly any options available these days for keypad phones, so blackberry kills all competition anyways for someone looking for keypad phones... More over the classy & professional look it has is very elegant... Searching is so very easy on Blackberry phones.. May you be on any screen just type in what ever contact or option you are looking for... I feel this is the best part of blackberry... And how can one forget the fun of using BBM & receiving emails even when you are out of office for meetings or any other purpose.... My best experience has been Bold II, looking forward to see the performance of Bold 4...

25 January 2013

Well when I think of burgers I think of Mc Donald's... When I think of having a quick bite I think of Mc Donalds.... The best part is that it tastes almost the same no matter which part of the country's outlet you are visiting..... Though there are some options available but I feel variety is missing at McD.... My fav is aloo tikki burger without tomatoes, with white mayonnaise, cheese, and lots of onions... I find this customized burger & Ice tea the best treat in McDonalds.... "Parampamparaaaa I am loving it" :) :) :)