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14 June 2014

How can they manage to give such a bad experience to a person.
What have they thought before starting this website.

First of all they not deliver your product without acknowledging it.

They don't even bother to respond to your complains.

They just lie and annoy-

1) They call twice early in the morning just to confirm your address which was completely correct and what is the need to confirm that are they fool who are running that business, they already ask the address while placing the order on the website, none of the other e-commerce website does that - as far as I know by using almost 2 dozens of big and small websites.

2) They lie in the website by writing "7 days" this is a lie - a marketing mimic to distract innocent people's mind.

3) If they can't fulfill any customer's order, at least they can acknowledge it by a mail that their piece of junk website is incompetent in fulfilling the order but no they just want to annoy people by calling, sending unwanted mail and all that.

I will suggest everyone to HealthKart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc to buy, they have a value for their commitment and a strong customer support.