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17 May 2014

On the shivalik road another salon that has a cult following. It isn't my personal favorite since I've always found the staff a bit abrupt including Martina who is all business. I like my hair stylists to talk to me about what they're going to be doing and give me some comfort before we get started. I don't mean hand holding or hugs but its nice to feel that your hair stylist is listening to you. I was a regular here and I did love the way they my eye brows and French polish and Martina has colored my hair but it was nothing I can rave about. I know some regulars who will only go to her for a haircut but I'd rather get to Looks or Geetnajali where the pricing is the same.

17 May 2014

It was pretty good to visit Neovada about a week. The massage was slightly disappointing, but definitely worth the money they charged me. Location wise the place is nice, the service is of very high standard. I was given complementary tea & water while I waited it out.

The massage therapist was an extremely pleasant person. I opted for a 90 minute Thai massage which was a hit & miss at the best. It is unfortunate that I am quite aware of Thai massage and was able to see through the efforts. I expect someone who didn't know any better would enjoy it very much. But for me as a student of Thai Yoga Massage I felt the buildup was not fully authentic. Also she hurt me a few times in a way that shouldn't hurt, for example stretching the skin to tight or dropping my foot or arm a few times. Other than that, the massage was still effective & I would go back for another.

The steam bath included is a bonus. Amazing to just sit & relax that extra 10 minutes.

25 November 2013

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25 November 2013

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22 November 2013

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