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10 February 2015

Bata footwear's are probably the most popular brand of foot wares in India. Everyone in my family is a fan of them. It offers shoes (both formal leather shoes & sports one), sandals, and sleepers. I have one leather sandal, and a sleeper of Bata. Both of them are over a year old, and I bought them on the same day, and they are still looking good. The price range of Bata foot wares too, are good, and it starts form a price of everyone's budget.

Bata sleepers costed me 80 Rs. They are rubber made & I used them in my house & in bathroom. They are strong and still look new after a year. The same with the leather sandals, that costed me Rs. 800, they are black in colour, are of pure leather, and soft on foot, fits my leg sizes perfectly, and are very comfortable in walking.

Bata has lot of ranges, both in shape, and colours for all of its footwear. The same is true for quality, & pricing as well. But one thing is for sure, even the cheapest of Bata foot wear has some standard, & I have already both.

20 January 2015

Get rebounding done by ecstasy salon and I'm very satisfied with my rebounding because they use a very good products for rebounding and it looks so good and the most important it is in your budget.

16 January 2015

The salon is mentored by famous stylist and beautician Shanti Shrestha. Everyone at Hair n Shanti salon is very friendly and professional. I feel pampered there in every visit. I have been relying upon Hair n Shanti for the last few years. I am not afraid to sport a new look because the stylist at the salon always helps me to refine my ideas and create a new hairstyle that fits my face.

14 January 2015

I liked the aura and pleasant staff at bounce unisex salon. Unlike other parlors the whole place is peaceful. The beautician was experienced and worked very well on my weak spots like split ends and acne marks. The products they used were of high quality.

14 January 2015

Whenever a salon service is in my list, monsoon salon is my top choice. I have never been to other salon since I first visited the salon 3 years back. The beauticians are too friendly and they are talented. Professional services and always ready to help and listen to you. Whatever be it, haircut, hair color, manicure, pedicure or spa monsoon will take good care of everything.

16 October 2014

Orchids Salon has a fantastic deal . Their grooming services are in vogue for the fashion conscious. Got my make up done here for a family function and everyone was just raving about it the entire evening. The team is well trained and catered efficiently to my needs with ease, and efficiency.I will definitely visit this place again.