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2017 started pretty much where 2016 left off, with basically the same worries – clearly, we've had a rough start to the year! We are already into the 2nd month and there's some really...

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About hauz khas

Hauz Khas, originally a residential area in South Delhi, plunged in the greenery of the popular Deer Park, has turned into an amazing place to feel the pulse of country's creative streak. The first thing you notice as soon as you enter Hauz Khas Village is curio shops, design agencies, designer boutiques and ancient tombs and reservoirs. The place is easy to navigate but is quite crowded on weekends.

Hauz Khas Village houses boutiques like Ogaan, House of Blondie, A Touch of Gold, Lola's World, Bodice, Rahul Reddy, Loom Moolm, Saint G Shoes, Nappa Dori, Khazana India, Lacquer Embassy, etc. What more, you can also visit this place with your pet and let him/her have his/her day at Red Paws - a spa dedicated exclusively to pets! For lovers of art & culture, there's Delhi Art Gallery, Creativity Art Gallery and Click My Dreams. After exploring the 'village', you can stop in for a meal at Naivedyam, Yeti, The Toddy Shop, Faarsi, HauzKhas Social, Fork You, Barcelos, Mia Bella, Imperfecto, Raasta, Desiya, Out Of The Box Cafe, Zo, etc. It has a number of cafes which are known for hosting life gigs over the weekends and has a great number of rooftop bars. The Hauz Khas Metro Station is located on the Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro. The location has about 25 salons and Spas. There are 24 general and multi-specialty hospitals in the area. There is excellent road connectivity to different parts of the city with 22 bus stops.

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