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Lodhi Road in New Delhi, India, is named after the Lodhi Gardens located on it. Two Mughal mausoleums, Humayun's Tomb and Safdarjung's Tomb, lie at the eastern and western ends of the road respectively. A number of cultural, educational, and international institutions line the road. Also located near it are Lodhi colony and Lodhi Estate built during British Raj in 1940s and Lodhi Road Institutional Area. Jor Bagh Metro station is the nearest Metro Station. There are also different options for eating out for the diverse poplulation of Lodhi Garden at more than 24 restaurants. 4 salons and spas cater to the beauty care and wellness needs. There are about 21 hospitals in the area. There are about 26 bus stops in Lodhi Garden. It is academically backed by various educational institutes and 36 Schools.

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