W ine, plum cake, gingerbread cookies and eggnog - nothing spells Christmas more than a great amount of good Christmas-themed food! These treats that you ogled at in US television shows and the movies can now be enjoyed in saddi Dilli! Here are five Christmas treats and where you can find 'em.



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Safdarjung area consists of mainly two localities in South Delhi, namely Safdarjung Enclave and Safdarjung Development Area (SDA). AIIMS metro station is the nearest metro station to Safdarjang. It is a popular destination for beauty and wellness with more than 14 Salons and Spas. There are also about 29 hospitals in Safdarjung. There are as many as 90 restaurants with various choices for the diverse population. There are currently more than 40 school in Safdarjung. 27 bus stops connect the place with various corners of the city.

Our deal fairy found 3411 potential safdarjung deal(s) for you. Pizza Hut, Nirvana Spa N Wellness Centre, Thyrocare, Alisha's Makeup & Hair Lounge, Axis Centre for Laser & Cosmetic Surgery are some of the top merchants in Delhi NCR. We have similar offers for you in Adchini, Amar Colony and Amritpuri. Pick the offer you fancy and save your money.

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