A Love Called Burger!

I can’t explain my love for burgers – love them so much I can have ‘em any time of the day every day! Thanks to my skinny genes, I don’t gain kilos and I can go excellent lengths to find some perfect tummy-filling grub! I’m always on a lookout for burger joints to have my fill and I have my own favorites too when it comes to those. Even my foodie friends know about this eternal love and tip-off about any joint that opens up in and around town.

So I'd been hearing a lot about this particular burger joint called Frisbees – The Burger Peddler in Hill Road near St Andrews Church and was yet to try it. I mean how could my scrutinizing eyes miss this? I immediately decided to go and check it out. I took my sister along, who's also a foodie, but currently on a mission to achieve a bikini bod! Because I believe that some delish burgers once in a while don't hurt much! Everyone is allowed to have a cheat day, innit?

We arrived at the place, which is a small and humble cafe - more like a hole in the wall, or bigger maybe, but totally worth it! I'll tell you why... Since it was our first time, we didn't wanna experiment much and settled for classics. We ordered Frisbees' Chicken Burger, Frisbee's Original Chicken and Fish Fingers. The menu, although limited, looks so drool-worthy! It has a good number of lamb, beef and fish burgers. Oh, and veg burgers too, for the vegetarians. :) The menu also has milkshakes, desserts and some side dishes.

Okay, coming back to my food, those burgers arrived on our table on cute round wooden platters and were served along with potato fries. We both were like, “Oh my Gawd, just so humongous”! The chicken patty was rich, luscious, so so so delicious and I had juices dripping down my fingers! You can also add another patty to your burger, but trust me, only one patty is quite filling, you won’t need another. Fish fingers had just the right crunch and melted in mouth. Tasty! (in Candy Crush narrator tone).

We were also told that Marshmallow Shake and Brownie Shake are a favorite with everyone so we ordered the same. We couldn’t have been happier about the suggestion! The chilled shakes were thick, tasty and delightful – just the thing we needed to down our heavy burgers!

I was so blissed out after this visit to Frisbees and went back home happily. Frisbees was definitely one of the best food experiences till now. So go visit for some of the meanest burgers out there!

They have another outlet at Andheri West which is only for takeaway and home delivery. So if you’re too tired to go out, call for some! While you’re planning to have THE best burgers in town, take this exciting deal along – 15% off on a minimum bill of Rs 300. Do write to us about your experiences.


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