Here's Why we Love Going to Cafes to Work!

Working from home or office tends to become boring and monotonous very quick. Looking at the same people and being in the same environment everyday hinders your creative flow. That’s why cafes are here to save the day! Just grab your laptop and wallet and run to the closest cafe or coffee shop, you will find your creative juices flowing there.

The experience of working out of cafes is so positive that even if you have a proper office space, you'll often have those "coffee shop days" every month... because a little change in the work environment brings out the creativity and inspiration. Here are a few reasons why we love going to cafes to work every now and then...

1. To avoid distractions

Cafes are for people who have an office, home office or no office at all. People who have offices and home office can easily have a million distractions. Even when people come in and ask, “I hope I’m not interrupting”. They really are. But aren’t you an angel to politely shake your head and ask them to go ahead, while you imagine strangling them in your head. Also, home offices are an epitome for procrastinators. You keep thinking about laundry and fixing the stairs just when you are supposed to start working on that 1000 word quantum physics article (which you know nothing about).

2. To be more productive

Going to a cafe to work can be really productive for you, as you actually get work done and not keep thinking of your escape plan to Antarctica. As soon as you enter a cafe, the beautiful smell of freshly brewed coffee fills up your lungs. Make sure you choose a seat close to a power outlet, away from the street view and with comfortable seats. You’ll probably find other people sitting and working on their laptops as well, this will give you a kick to work yourself. Monkey see, monkey do.

3. To get the creative juices flowing

Do yourself a favor and don’t be a freeloader. Order coffee and other things over the course of time you are there. The fact that you get served coffee (and other stuff) makes you less distracted and gives a mindset of ‘things coming to you’. The change of scenery and looking at new colors, posters, etc. will get that idea bulb to light up. Also, you can totally eye that cute guy on the table next to you, and who knows he might actually ask you what you’re working on.

4. ...and we might get a complimentary coffee!

We all would love to be known by first name bases by everyone in the cafe by being a regular. Who knows you might just get an extra refill or a free croissant. But it’s best to keep switching places as routine is number one enemy to creativity. Plus you don’t want to go back to the same place where they have seen the way you eat and how many crumbs you drop. You’ve probably also drooled a bit on the table after eyeing the guy. Thank God you don’t have to clean up after your own mess at these cafes!

Who knows you might just find a cuter guy in the next cafe to have as eye candy and to get you through work. And let’s not talk about how well your creativity will run then.

With inputs from Ankita Bhardwaj


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