A New Wardrobe for Less Than 2k in Sarojini Nagar!

Every college girl's shopping haven – welcome to Sarojini Nagar! The crowded alleys and by-lanes are a favourite with locals for knock-offs and 'export rejects'. From runway looks and celebrity style rip-off to high street brands...

You can find almost everything here. You’ll be surprised to find brands like Zara, Superdry, Vero Moda, Armani, Calvin Klein, et al. Dresses, skirts, lounge pants, shorts, t-shirts, jumpsuit, playsuit and even swimwear (!) – you name it, and they’ll have it. School-going girls, college students and working professionals know only one thing – that you can create your whole outfit (accessories included!) for just 500 bucks!

It’s a great place if you’re looking for the latest street-styles. The market keeps up with the latest fashion and merchandise that hits the industry! You could get carried away with all the low prices and end up by buying more than you need.

We went and created 5 (yes, 5!) different looks in under Rs 2000 (and were even left with money to have a banta!). Watch the video to see our haul. If you’re starting college now, you want to look cool and trendy, and don’t have a big budget; a visit to SN (as everyone in Delhi calls it) is a must visit.

Our tips for a great shopping experience:

  • It can get very crowded and Delhi is extremely hot and humid. That’s not a great combination! So avoid the weekends and plan your trip during the weekdays (11 AM – 3 PM is ideal)
  • Bargain your heart out and remember the rule of thumb – don’t pay for anything more than Rs 250. Walk off if the vendor asks for more – they will always call you back
  • If you found a great piece from a tapri – you’ll probably visit the same place next time also. But it won’t be easy to remember the spot – so either take a picture or make a mental note of any landmark (the shop right next to the open archway with the graffiti etc etc.)
  • The shops near the giant peepal tree have all the latest trends. Ask anyone for it, it’s a well-known landmark
  • Keep cash handy – there are not many ATMs around and there is always a big queue outside
  • Fortify yourself – carry a bottle of water and maybe an umbrella or shades. You don’t want to faint mid-way of an eventful shopping trip!
  • Have some patience – you can find very good pieces but you won’t get much if you’re in a hurry. So make sure you have the time to explore
  • Carry a bag or a backpack to stuff all that you buy. Carrying so many plastic bags can be a bit uncomfortable

I’m sure you’ll be planning a trip really soon after reading these tips. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to repeat her clothes, you’re going to love Sarojini Nagar Market! Tell us what you bought in the comments section or share a picture – we love shopping pictures!

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  1. loved all the outfits! much needed haul

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