Road Trips You Need to Take With Your Gang!

There’s everything to love about a road trip – especially if it’s taken with friends! The journey, the road, the music, those stupid jokes, the old stories that are brought back to life and the memories you create with each passing second are just priceless. If you have no idea where you can head to on a weekend, we can suggest a few places. Read on...

1. Delhi – Agra – Jaipur

This is one of the most popular routes among all travel enthusiasts! This route takes you through a cultural trip with historical places which grace all three locations. Once in Agra, you’ll visit the Taj Mahal (obviously!) and Agra Fort. You could also visit Fatehpur Sikri which is just so beautiful! Then make a dash for Jaipur, visit City Palace and Amer Fort before heading back to Delhi.

Cost breakdown

  • Total distance: 900 km approx.
  • Diesel consumed: 50 L
  • Diesel price: Rs 59.59/L
  • Total fuel cost: Rs 2980
  • Total toll cost: Rs 1130
  • Total trip cost: Rs 4110
  • Budget accommodation in Jaipur starts from Rs 500
  • TOTAL: Rs 4610 approx.

2. Mumbai – Goa

We have seen a lot of road trip movies! Bollywood has done enough to glorify this particular route to take a road trip on. A perfect to trip to take with a group of friends! NH17 is a really smooth highway and you’ll have a relaxed drive. Leaving early at the wee hours of morning to reach Goan beaches at dusk is a good idea to get the party started at the right time! Who wouldn’t want a beer or two after such a long drive!

Cost breakdown

  • Total distance: 1182 km approx.
  • Diesel consumed: 66 L
  • Diesel price: Rs 58.37/L
  • Total fuel cost: Rs 3853
  • Total toll cost: Rs 1200
  • Total trip cost: Rs 5053
  • Budget accommodation in Goa starts from Rs 700
  • TOTAL: Rs 5753 approx.

3. Bangalore – Coorg

Bangaloreans have many options when it comes to weekend getaways, but none like the “Scotland of India” – Coorg! On the way to Coorg, one could get highly mesmerized by the expansive tea plantation. The terrain could get a little rough but the fact that you’re going to treat your eyes with serene scenic landscape will make everything fall in place. Have an adventurous and peaceful holiday!

Cost breakdown

  • Total distance: 486 km
  • Diesel consumed: 27 L
  • Diesel price: Rs 55.81/L
  • Total fuel cost: Rs 1507
  • Total toll cost: Rs 0
  • TOTAL trip cost: Rs 1507

4. Guwahti – Shillong – Cherrapunji

A trip from Guwahati to Shillong can be covered in just 2.5 hours covering a distance of 100 kms. The highway to Shillong starts from Khanapara. When you reach Shillong, make sure that you walk around the town on foot. A further drive to Cherrapunji is 53 kms and the way is just as breathtaking as the destination! You’ll be amazed to see a place so mesmerizing and mystifying! The landscapes you come across will include pasture lands, cliffs, forests and waterfalls!

Cost breakdown

  • Total distance: 306 km
  • Diesel consumed: 17 L
  • Diesel price: Rs 58.6/L
  • Total fuel cost: Rs 997
  • Total toll cost: Rs 200
  • TOTAL trip cost: Rs 1197

5. Mangalore – Gokarna

If you and your friends are beach-lovers, then go to Gokarna. The way from Mangalore to Gokarna is lined with beaches and it’s a must to stop at each beach to really appreciate all the beauty the nature has to offer!

Cost breakdown

Total distance: 464 km

Diesel consumed: 26 L

Diesel price: Rs 55.81/L

Total fuel cost: Rs 1452

Total toll cost: Rs 70

TOTAL trip cost: Rs 1522

But before you hit the road, here are a few things you need to take care of:

  • Get your car or motorcycle inspected to make sure it’s good to give you a trip to remember
  • Do remember to keep first aid and emergency kit (flashlight, blanket, a few basic tools)
  • Rest properly so you can make the most of your journey
  • Pack smart for fuel efficiency – make sure that you don’t put too much weight on the car
  • Charge your power bank, phone and camera
  • Check for awesome travel deals!
  • Be safe. Make sure you drive properly and follow road rules

Happy tripping!


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