J aipur is an exotic city – a land of palaces, forts and rich heritage. Jaipur is also known for its textile, handloom, tie-and-dye sarees and of course, vibrant jewellery, and this very reason makes it a shopper’s paradise. It is the city you should be heading to for your endless wedding shopping! If you’re like me, you’d definitely love the colourful bazaars which have innumerable shops that can prove to be a real deal for the explorer in you!


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Sarojini Nagar is a neighbourhood in South West Delhi district of Delhi, India. It is famous for the Sarojini Nagar Market. The INA station in Yellow line of the Delhi Metro is the nearest Metro Station to Sarojini Nagar.There are also different options for eating out for the diverse poplulation of Sarojini Nagar at more than 27 restaurants. 3 salons and spas cater to the beauty care and wellness needs. There are about 22 hospitals in the area. There are about 29 bus stops in Sarojini Nagar. It is academically backed by various educational institutes and 33 Schools.

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