Our Team

Arjun Basu, Co-Founder, CFO and resident giant, officially heads finance and sales at but has strong opinions on everything else (all of which are taken very seriously by everyone because hey, you don't mess with the dude handing out the salary slips).

A Bong from Delhi, educated in a Christian School with truckloads of raucous Panju buddies before heading off to the US to study, Arjun is a true global citizen and has traveled to more countries than most people can find on an Atlas.

A stock-trader before he started working for, Arjun keeps his former high-adrenaline job skills alive by convincing unsuspecting colleagues (usually Anisha) to bet with him.

Arjun LURVES his job, great food and travel. He unwinds by beating the pants off everyone at badminton and swimming and smiles most of the time except Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The only person on the planet that can bully Arjun is his two year old daughter.

Senior Vice President (Product & Analytics), Pradeep is a man of few words, and when he does speak; his conversation is peppered with words like PHP, .Net, and Java. Redefining uber cool, "Dubeyji" as he is popularly known, is a pillar of calm and rarely loses his temper.

His passion for technology took him to IIT BHU, and since then, in order to communicate with him, one needs to follow a logical sequence, or please don't speak at all! Many people have noticed a happy gleam in his eyes when faced with a particularly difficult "tech" problem. Even after having more than a decade of work experience, he still likes to think of himself as a student, and is always eager to learn about new trends driving the tech world. Problem-solver, Tech genius, Cool Boss are just some of the epithets he is known by. Dubeyji loves his cricket, ghar ka khana and celebrating birthdays (especially when he gets to give people a cake facial).

Folks here believe that he was not born like you and me, but arrived on earth as a result of an SQL query. However, this has neither been confirmed nor denied till date. We tried to ask him once, but all we got was "Access Denied"!

She is the lady who looks after brand sales, alliances and most importantly, our salaries. Nidhika is omnipresent in mydala and is the quintessential multi-tasker. Angel face with an iron fist, she is the go-getter who will not stop until she completes whatever she has set her heart upon, to perfection. A blue-blooded marketer, she puts her MBA in Marketing and more than ten years of experience, to good use as she forges new alliances for us with a vengeance.

She is a mentor to almost everybody in the office and seriously, if you need any advice, career or otherwise, she is your go-to-person. She also has vast reservoirs of patience, and this comes from raising a boisterous four year old son. When she is not setting new targets and achieving them, Nidhika likes to unwind with some good food and soft music.

There is an urban legend here at mydala that even a leaf would not move without consulting Nidhika first. She is the only one who can handle Hurricane Anisha, The Mighty Arjun and Iceman Ashish. Together. She eats, sleeps, and breathes mydala and if she wasn't working here, she would have definitely arm-twisted her way in.