5 Must-Know Ways to Save Money on Clothes

Serious clothes horses know that retail clothes therapy is a thing. You might end up buying a lot more than you need but that’s something you need to deal with. Most often, you end up deciding that you don’t actually need that stuff... Do you shop impulsively only to crib about later? Well, we are not asking you to stop buying, but here's our list of tried-and-tested hacks that will help you save some money while indulging.

1. Shop out of season

Although it’s quite tempting to buy things that are in the season, but you save a lot of money when you shop out-of-season, because they are usually on sale! If you wanna buy a warm overcoat or a cardigan, try shopping when the temperatures are soaring. Most stores put such clothing in their clearance sale – you will definitely save huge amount of money.

2. Keep track of major sales

Get a membership of all your favorite stores so that you can score special preview sale. Subscribe to major online shopping stores to never miss out on an upcoming sale!

3. Don't fall for fads

When you start buying things that are in trend, you usually end up shopping impulsively... but such clothes only end up sitting in your closet or going to an NGO, because, hey, you would not want someone to blurt out – “that’s so 2015!” Don’t fall for fast-fashion, buy basics & classic pieces that go a long way...

4. DIY it

No, we are not asking you to make your own clothes, but you can recycle an old T-shirt to make a fringed shrug or stick patches on your old jeans to make your own stylish patch jeans, which obviously cost more than regular jeans! It’s fun. Just follow some YouTube videos and start DIYing!

5. Use coupon websites or apps for better discounts

There are a number of coupon websites and mobile apps to help you save money on your online shopping. These coupons not only help you save on clothing, but also on food, travel, grocery, medicines, etc. Check out mydala for some coolest deals & discounts!


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