How to Throw an Awesome House Party on a Budget

A house party sounds like a great idea to wind down after a hectic week! And who doesn't like having friends over every now and then... however you don’t need a huge bank account to throw an awesome house party that will have everyone talking at brunch the next morning. Here are some of the best tips for entertaining on a strict budget:

1. Set a budget

... and know how much you can spend. Add up the cost of drinks, food & decor and if exceeds your budget, cut the guest list by a few names. You can totally do away with that annoying cousin of your friend's friend. If you still can't reduce the list, ask a friend to co-host and share the bill later. Read on to know how you can cut costs on alcohol, food and decor.

2. Ask your friends for help

If a friend asks, "Hey, how can I help?"... The incorrect answer would be – "Just bring yourself, mate!" JUST. DON’T. DO. IT! You could tell them to bring some alcohol and the perfect answer to that question would be – "I would really appreciate if could bring in your favorite wine!" *wink* Call in your troops! With an extra set of hands, cooking, making drinks and DIY decorating won't seem like such a feat.

3. Keep the decor easy

You don’t wanna pull off a Pinterest-y decor and go overboard with it when you’re strapped for cash! A bunch of roses and carnations here and there would totally do. For a simple party backdrop, you can DIY using supplies from your local stationery shop. Another decorating tip: focus on items that pull double duty, like candles that function as decor and lighting.

4. Keep it a BYOB

Alcohol can be one of the worst budget-busters when you’re planning to throw a party on budget! And friends who drink will always be willing to bring in alcohol of their choice. This will help cut costs significantly! Having your guests bringing their own drinks also ensures that you don’t run out of alcohol and leave them getting crazy. Speaking of cheap drinks supply, just serve beer if you have a beer-drinking tribe!

Also ensure that you have a supply of non-alcoholic drinks like fruit juices, soft drinks and sparkling water for your thirsty guests...

5. Choose an off-peak hour

... because when you invite them over for dinner – they’d probably wanna eat and drink a lot if it's an all-nighter. So change the timings slightly and have them early evening, when a few yummy snacks will do great! Pre-evening snacks are always going to cost less than a hefty meal for dinner.

You can also move it a bit early and hold it in the afternoon – because a few beers in afternoon don’t sound like a bad idea. But in our opinion, a brunch is the best bet mostly because you can skip having alcohol altogether and serve some affordable and delicious dishes.

6. Buy your supplies online in bulk

How much money do you save when you go to a grocery store? Well, if you’re used to having stuff coming to your home, then you’d know just how much you save when you shop from Amazon Now, Big Basket, Grofers and other grocery webstores. So shop online and buy in bulk... You’ll need 5-6 packets of chips, biscuits & other snacks, a packet of tissue papers and disposable plates, glasses & spoons so that you don’t have to do all the washing after the party’s over!

7. Choose affordable ingredients

If you wanna impress your guests, chances are that you’re going to do all the cooking yourself (which, believe us, will help you save A LOT of money than ordering food!), be careful that you don’t choose ingredients that have a higher price tag. Plan what all you’re going to cook and make use of ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. If you already have a few key ingredients in your hand, you'll be great. Should you go to a grocery store, make sure that don't buy any fancy out-of-season veggies that'll probably going to cost a lot!

When throwing a house party on a budget, just remember that a party is made great with good people and the good stuff you do together. The revelry shouldn’t be measured with the amount of money you spend, rather, pay attention to smaller details that make for a good time.

So these are our ideas to save us some money on house parties. What are your ways to save a little cash while still having a lot fun with your friends? Please share your budget party ideas in the comments below and don’t forget to invite us ;)


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