Last-Minute DIY Xmas Decor Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner and we are feeling festive all around us! If you haven’t thought about how to do your home and make it look bright and festive, read this black book for easy DIYs. These are so easy and can be done only in a day – without costing a bomb! This is the season to go all out and get crafty with your home decor.

1. Make a bow wreath

Not sure where you’ll get a wreath that is cheap yet beautiful? Well, make yourself one. This is a real easy deal. You’ll just need a Styrofoam ring, colourful bows from any stationery shop, cello tape or hot glue. Start sticking the bows all over the ring covering the whole thing up. And there you have it – an easy DIY wreath!

2. Candy cane vase

This one you can use even on days other than Christmas! You’ll need a few candy canes – easily available online or local market, a metal can and hot glue. Stick the candy canes vertically around the can and voila! Just add a ribbon bow to pretty it up. You must have a bunch of artificial flowers in your home, you can cut the stem so that it fit the vase perfectly. Or, you can use fresh flowers!

3. Get mistletoe

While you may not find actual mistletoe, you sure can make one. For DIY mistletoe, you’ll need cardboard, scissors, pen/marker, green felt fabric, a few faux pearls, hot glue and a thread – preferably red or green. Cut out the cardboard in mistletoe shape and then cut out the felt fabric similarly. Stick them together. Put all of them together and tie up in a bunch using thread. Now add those pearly beads. Let your guests kiss each other under the mistletoe!

4. Pretty up a pinecone

Pinecones are an essential for that Christmassy feel! Paint them with golden/silver glitter or even better – with any coloured glitter. Throw them around over tables or make a garland and decorate the walls. I have soooo many ideas! You can even paint ‘em glittery green to make your own pinecone Christmas trees.

5. Turn cushions into presents

Probably the easiest! Take some broad ribbons and wrap around cushions making a beautiful bow on one side. Throw them around on sofas, chairs and beds. Because you can never have too many gifts!

6. Glam up your glasses

No Christmas is complete without some sweet delights! But these colorful candies can also be used to add color to your decor. Put them in a glass bowl or glasses with long stem and line around the table.

7. Just add water

You don’t need a fancy & expensive candle holder, just fill up a mason jar with water and put floating candles in. These can either be put on table or on the floor. If not candles, put flowers or petals!

I always get super excited around this time of the year doing my home in festive colors, food and house parties! With these easy decor ideas, I hope you do too!


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