Classic Makeup Looks That Will Come Back in 2017

Whenever I looked at photos of my mother in the 80’s and 90’s – rocking big, fluffy curls and bright lipstick, she always laughed and said with a tone of embarrassment , “Hey it was in the 80’s and 90’s”! Well 2017 will be the year of bringing back old trends and making them part of new trend, mom: you are now officially cool! Makeup has transformed tremendously throughout the years and this year has no exception. Find out below some pretty makeup looks that you want to try in 2017 to freshen up your looks.

Dark Eyeshadow

For a dark statement eyes, try out dark eye shadow! Start with any darkish colour and apply several layers for a more intense look.

Grunge Eyes

The key to wearing grungy makeup is keeping the rest of your face minimal. You want to keep everything light and fresh on the rest of the face. While keeping it strong and dark in the eyes.

Gothic Lips

The biggest, most important makeup trend for 2017 is dark lips (VERY dark lips). The colours are much more blackened, and almost purplish instead of reddish. The finish is creamy, neither glossy nor matte.

Glitter Eyes

By far the most surprising trend is - Glitter! Glitter is one of the easiest ways to add instant sparkle to your makeup. It’s pretty and shiny and so much fun to play with.

Dark Brows

Brushed up brows or dark brows defines the face. Natural will always be cooler than anything and make us look younger and fresher. Try this to create a bolder look!

If you have inspired enough and found any that’s particularly striking? We’d like to know your views so don’t forget to write to us!


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