Ideas for your hair!

Colouring your hair is the easiest way to get a hair makeover. You can have subtle shades that are close to your natural hair colour or go for a 360 degrees change by brighter shades. Giving your hair a makeover every now and then doesn't hurt anyone - it's for you, after all!

Let’s take a look at hair colours that we’ll be wearing next year and resolve to never be boring...

1. Tiger eye hair colour

Tiger eye hair colour looks like warm caramel. Warm shades of gold, bronze and dark brown are applied using a technique called balayage and blended with perfection!

2. Red ombre

Yes, we’ve worn red before and we totally love it. But this flaming red ombre is what we’re gonna be flaunting next year!

3. Burgundy

Classics never go out of fashion, so we’ll be seeing burgundy next year as well. Instead of going lo-lites, wear a full head of the beautiful shade of burgundy.

4. Dark brown to chestnut ombre

Beautiful shades of brown can be worn all year round and look good on all skin tones. This beautiful chestnut shade will want to have to eat your hair!

5. Burgundy balayage

For dark brown hair, this burgundy balayage will look oh-so-hot and really smooth!

6. Midnight blue highlights

Subtle pastel blue and midnight blue highlights on dark hair look absolutely stunning. This colour is not so noticeable and hence can be worn to work without scandalizing your colleagues.

7. Grey to Lilac ombre

Not for the faint-hearted! If you’re one of those people who always experiment with their hair, only then this will be easy for you. But don’t be surprised when others do a double take!


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